An expert Nerd-to-Asgardian translator (sinuous_curve) wrote in stillhitthat,
An expert Nerd-to-Asgardian translator

Hi, guys!

Tonight, we bring you a fic challenge!

On one side we have the list of the top five boys that you all said you would not hit under any and all circumstances. (I'm just saying, for the record, Ryan Ross is hot like burning and you all need to get your eyes checked :D)

1. Bert McCracken
2. Andy Hurley
3. Pete Wentz
4. Ray Toro
5. Ryan Ross

On the other, we have the top five (or seven, since there were some ties) that you all would bamg every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

1. Frank Iero and Patrick Stump
3. Gerard Way
4. Spencer Smith
5. Mikey Way
6. Jon Walker and Brendon Urie

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to pick one boy from the Wouldn't Bang and one boy from the World Bang list and write some form of comment fic about them! Make is filthy, filthy smut or the fluffiest of fluff or, hell, make it about them playing sex chicken! The only requirement is that the pairing include one of each boy.

(Of course, you can go the easy way and write Brendon/Ryan or Bert/Gerard, but you get so many more brownie points for something a little more unusual. :D Gimme that Pete/Jon, people.)
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